On Tuesday February 11th, we had the first touchdown of the Board of Directors of the Festera Moors and Christians in El Campello, with local authorities, represented by Mayor Juan José Berenguer and Party councilor, Marisa Navarro.

They were presented the new board members to the municipal corporation, and many issues of vital importance for the development of the holidays this year 2014 were discussed.

Charges of holidays 2014

Below are the charges in the year 2014. Congratulations to all!.

CHRISTIAN CHARGES 2014: Captaincy Jaume I

CHRISTIAN CAPTAINS: Antonio Pérez Sanz and Maria Pérez Sanz
BANDERERA CHRISTIAN: Blanca García Martínez

MOORS CHARGES 2014: Captaincy Non Bebec

The 25th of January this month , the general assembly where all members of the groups electors voted the following proposals were held , the results being as follows:

1 - . VOTING RECORD December 23, 2012
YES: 104
NO: 0
ABS : 1

Total votes: 105
Result : Approved

2 - VOTING RECORD May 24, 2013
YES: 104
NO: 0
ABS : 1

Total votes: 105
Result : Approved

This Friday, January 17, 2014 at 20:30h, we present the new web Site in "Sala Ramón Llull" (Públic library of El Campello). We invite you to come and meet this web platform that you can enjoy now.

¡We´re waiting you!

The Postman of their Majesties the Magic Kings, come to our village on Friday December 27, at 17:00 h.
The Real Entourage starts from "Penyeta" to Church Square by the usual route.We look forward to your letters!


- "Penyeta"
- C/ Sant Vicent
- Avinguda del Carrer la Mar
- Avinguda Generalitat
- C/ Doctor Fleming
- C/ Major
- Plaça de Canalejas - Plaça de l´Esglesia

The September 15 is the last day you can visit the photo exhibition participants "Vincent Ródenas Photo Contest 2013".

This Saturday September 14th will present the "Book of Festivals 2013" in the House of Culture of El Campello at 20:00 h.

More than 2,000 people attended the show which was organized by Krewes of "Cristians of Campello" and "Marrocs" Festera Board of Moors and Christians and the city of El Campello.

On Saturday August 31, at 22h in the Municipal Park of El Campello, near the source of the centenary, will be the presentation of captaincies 2013 by the troupes "Cristians of Campello" and "Marrocs".