Charges 2014

Charges of holidays 2014

Below are the charges in the year 2014. Congratulations to all!.

CHRISTIAN CHARGES 2014: Captaincy Jaume I

CHRISTIAN CAPTAINS: Antonio Pérez Sanz and Maria Pérez Sanz
BANDERERA CHRISTIAN: Blanca García Martínez

MOORS CHARGES 2014: Captaincy Non Bebec

MOORS CAPTAINS: Vicente Guasch Juan and Rosa Maria Marmol Ferri
AMBASSADOR MORO: Vicente Garcia Soler
BANDERERA MORA: Belén Baeza Sala

Were presented to the Permanent Council on January 13, 2014. The presentation was given by their delegates, Alfredo García (Jaume I) and Mari Paz Esteve (Non Bebec).

From the directive we want to thank to all for representing our parties.