La "Junta Festera de Moros i Cristians del Campello" tenim nova directiva en funcions, creada arran de la dimissió del president, Cristian Palomares. Els nous representants ens encarregarem de guiar el procés electoral obert ara a l'entitat, segons marquen els Estatuts. Aquesta informació l'hem traslladat a l'alcalde del municipi, Juanjo Berenguer, així com a la regidora de Festes, Marisa Navarro.

We attach the program of activities of the patronal festivities of El Campello.

We hope that all the people enjoy our parties.

Presentation of Captains 2014 - Summary

Moors & Christians - winning posters

The "Junta Festera" of Moors and Christians in El Campello announces the "XV Concurs de Fotografía Vicente Ródenas Alberola 2014."

The sections of the competition are:
1) Parties of Moors and Christians.
2) Comparses (in which only the members of each of the organizations that make up the federation may participate)
3) Racons i Tradicions of Campello.

There will be a children's category with a unique theme "Parties of Moors and Christians".

You can get the title CRE.

The days 9, 10 and 11 of May, we celebrate the middle of the year of Moors and Christians of El Campello.

We hope you!

Winner: Paloma Lario Moreno; 3º Primary School at "Pla Barraques".

Second: Marta Baeza Mejias; 4º Primary School at "Pla Barraques".

In last assembly of the UNDEF (National Union of Entities Festeras) held on 8 and 9 March 2014, the Moors and Christians in El Campello, have been incorporated into this organization. The incorporation was carried without negative votes.
We want to thank everyone who participated in this process. We continue improving, and especially we want to enjoy the festivities of our town.

Carnival is here already!

We leave the program of the events of this year!